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Erick and Becky

Erick and Becky

Erick’s Bio

Passionate about teaching others, Erick has been involved in flipping houses in the Southern California markets for over 8 years. His knowledge of the market, understanding of value, and involvement in all facets of the transaction, marketing, design, and contractor oversight give him a distinct edge as a broadly-skilled Broker and business owner.

Anyone who works with Erick will agree that he is very loyal, dedicated, and tenacious. He prides himself on his keen ability to make clients feel safe and comfortable.

“I know how stressful buying or selling a house can be. I want to bear that burden as much as I can for my clients, and make the entire process efficient and enjoyable.”

Becky’s Bio

Becky’s approach to business is that the only way to have a successful transaction is by fulfilling her client’s real estate goals and delivering the dream lifestyle they desire. She believes a great real estate transaction is all about the quality of the relationship and trust between the Client and her fellow Realtors. By aligning herself with professionals and continually refining her skills through further educational courses, Becky Hernandez has become a highly referred agent by her past clients and has earned the respect of other professionals within the industry. By continuing her further education, Becky is able to give her clients the information they need to make smart decisions in this fast-moving market, offering the patient guidance and attention to detail that is valued as much by first-time buyers and sellers as it is by seasoned pros.

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