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Headquartered in Cerritos, California and located at the cusp of Orange County, Beacon Hillcrest has been providing solutions that meet the complex needs of both sellers and buyers of residential and commercial properties. At Beacon Hillcrest, we value Client-Based Relationships, Personal Excellence, Continuous Improvement, Working Together, and Serving God.

While we are known for our work in the Los Angeles County and Orange County markets, the Beacon Hillcrest group is also a proud part of the Keller Williams Worldwide Network.

As part of this network, we help people buy and sell single-family homes, residential estates, as well as commercial spaces in quality locations. We are a top choice for investors looking for long-term value and short-term investments in what has become one of the nation’s fastest-growing markets.

This firm also takes pride in serving in two other ways — helping you take control of your money and plan for your future and teaching the average person how to invest in real estate. The typical less experienced realtor does not realize that this can truly transform your life.

Because we understand these benefits and know how to apply them:

We have literally helped investors make millions throughout their lifetime. By applying basic principles and minimizing risk, we have developed skills that make investing in real estate quite profitable.

While making money is important, it does you no good if you have not yet learned how to take control of your finances. We will educate you in the proper way of paying off debt, saving, spending wisely, and how to build wealth.

Erick and Becky love to make life-changing experiences through building exceptional relationships. When we take on your real estate business, whether you are buying or selling, you can rest assured that we will devote every effort to delivering excellent results and we will always look out for your best interest.

Our goal is to make the Beacon Hillcrest brand synonymous with quality. Not just for our products but also for the service we provide.

Colossians 3:23: “Whatever you do, work at it with all yourheart, asworking for the Lord…”

The mission of Beacon Hillcrestcomesfrom a mindset of contributionand servitude. Our mission “Is to allow ourselves to be used by God to bless otherswith a place to call home. A place where they can build memories, feel safe and secure. As well as provide the means to build future wealth through proper real estate investments”.

Whatever we do, wedo it with all of our heart as though we were doing it for the Lord. To positively impactall who come in contact with Beacon Hillcrest through sharing the power of investing in real estate. We believe everyone has the same opportunity to secure their future if taughthow to do so.


  1. Integrity :The foundation of the Beacon Hillcrestbrandishonesty, having strong biblical principles, and moral uprightness. We do what’s right at any cost, even at the expense of the business deal.
  2. Personal Development :We know deep in our hearts that in order to provide our clients with the absolute best care, we must keep growing, keep learning and keep working hard on ourselves.
  3. Client Care : Top-tier, hands-oncustomer service is our highest priority. Our standardis to surpass expectationsand toleave clients with a memorable, ever-lasting experience.
  4. Teamwork : We are equally client-centric, as we are agent-centric. We work hard to make sure every personin our circle thrivesand shines. We are all responsible for the well-being of each other.
  5. Honesty : Call us old fashioned, but we believe in the power of a handshake and the honor behind keeping your word.
  6. Relationships : We may start off as your realtor, but we want to build a relationship for life.The Beacon Hillcrest team prides itself on going from “real estate agent” to “family”with many of our clients.
  7. Trust : Actions speak louder than words.We strive to act in a manner that builds trust with our clients, team membersand business partners.
  8. Servitude : As a faith-based brand, we aim to be a shining lighthouse, a beacon on the hill, because we know that by serving others, we are ultimately serving Christ.
  9. Contribution is a powerful and ever-present guiding value. If wewin, we want our clients, colleagues, and communitiesto win with us.At the end of each day, we ask ourselves: What did I contribute today? When looking to the future, we seek ways that will contribute where it’s needed most.
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