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Real estate is a proven wealth-building vehicle. Investing in real estate can have significant tax benefits and generates income in addition to the equity gained through price appreciation. Although many people succeed, investing in real estate isn’t for everyone. It’s important to have your real estate team in place before you start making offers. From first contact to closing, we’re ready to help with the sometimes complicated process of real estate investing.

If you are looking to build wealth in real estate, we have a step-by-step approach that really works in any market. We will help you with selecting ideal neighborhoods, attract sellers, and find houses with investment potential. Our team provides analysis with identifying which improvements to make and analyze the profit potential of any house. In addition, we can assist with:

  1. How to arrange financing, present the offer, and close on the purchase
  2. Easy-to-follow plan for fixing up houses that keeps you on time, in budget and assures top quality
  3. How to add finishing touches to quickly sell for maximum profit

In this competitive and tight market, inventory is KING. At Beacon Hillcrest, we have built relationships with sellers that allows us to obtain “Pocket Listings” before anyone else. A pocket listing is a property being sold, but is not publicly advertised nor entered the into the multiple listing system (MLS), or advertising is limited.

We are seeing more and more activity in the pocket listing trend. Despite the strong public market, many sellers are choosing to sell their properties “off market”. From the moment the listing agreements are signed, savvy real estate agents begin marketing these listings to their peers. You need a realtor who is in touch with these off-market & pre-MLS opportunities.

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